Further information on our Jazz Program.

2021/2022 Ensemble Information

Students in the Jazz program will complete their 2021/2022 ensemble requirements by being assigned to Small or Large Jazz Ensembles. Small Jazz Ensembles rehearse two hours per week in-person with their instructor plus one hour independently (0.5 credit). Large Ensembles (JMU189-489Y1 Jazz Orchestra or JMU193-493Y1 Vocal Jazz Ensemble) have two two-hour rehearsals per week with their instructors (0.67 credit). Performance Stream Students in years 1-3 will be placed in 2 ensembles. All other students will be placed in one ensemble.

Jazz Ensemble Placement Auditions

Undergrad and Masters Students must submit a recording. Third and fourth year Comprehensive students who are not planning to take ensemble courses are exempt from the audition process.

Jazz Ensemble Placement Auditions will be done by audio recording this year (due by Wednesday, September 1, 2021).

  • The Placement Audition should be audio-only recorded in the manner of a live performance as one, unedited, continuous take.
  • Please aim for the highest quality audio that can be produced given your resources (e.g., use an external microphone rather than your device’s built in microphone, if possible).
  • Save your audio as ONE mp3 file with the following title format: Instrument StudentNumber.
  • Once your recording is ready to submit, please go to this link to upload your audio.  You will need to log in with your utoronto e-mail address.
  • Deadline to submit your recording is Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

Please submit an audio recording of two contrasting tunes, e.g., ballad and bebop, standard and bossa or jazz waltz and modal tune.

  • This recording should be a maximum 5 minutes in length.
  • Students must play the melody and improvise on each tune. No need to state the melody again after improvising (one chorus of the melody and one or two choruses of improvising will suffice).
  • You may record with a play along track, unaccompanied or with other musicians if this is safe.

Instrument Specifics

  • Drummers: if playing unaccompanied, play the melody on the drums and then play time and/or improvise one chorus. If playing with a group, drummers may simply accompany the soloist in the group and trade 4s or 8s for one chorus.
  • Bassists: play the melody, demonstrate walking/accompanying for one chorus, and solo for one chorus.
  • Piano/guitar: play the melody, demonstrate comping for one chorus, and solo for one chorus.


Information on Masterclasses will be posted once confirmed.

There will be mandatory meetings for all Jazz students on Friday, September 10, 2021:

  • Times TBA

A Zoom invitation will be sent prior to the meetings.