Applied Music

Teacher Assignment Forms will be e-mailed in late July.

Undergraduate students not required to take Applied Lessons for their degree program (3rd & 4th year Comprehensive (Classical & Jazz), Composition and History/Culture/Theory), but wish to continue on with lessons, need to complete an Optional Applied Lessons form found on the Registrar’s Office’s SharePoint page.  Completed forms are due to the Registrar’s Office by July 15.

Applied Music Information (Juries, Recitals, Grading, Code of Conduct, etc.) can be found on the Performance Office’s SharePoint

Interested in transferring to Performance (Classical or Jazz)? Please read the Transfer Information document on the Performance Office’s SharePoint

Accompanist List 2021-2022


The full recital schedule is posted outside the Performance Office.

Recitals required for Undergraduate and Masters students for their degree will be scheduled by the Performance Office and posted in mid/late-October.  Requests for recital date changes must be made by petition.
Masters Students should refer to the Masters Recital Scheduling and Deferrals document (Performance Office’s SharePoint).

DMA students should book their recital date with the Performance Office directly.

Be sure to read all materials relevant to your degree for recital requirements and regulations.

Optional recitals, for students not required by their program, must be coordinated by the student.

Venues (may not always be available):

Faculty of Music Competitions:

For current year’s competition information and application, please see SharePoint.

2021 UTSO Concerto Competition Winners

  • Christina Kant, Harp student of Judy Loman
  • Jesse Ma, Saxophone student of Wallace Halladay

Previous Winners of the UTSO Concerto Competition

2021 WINDS Concerto Competition Winners

  • Vivian Kwok, Piano student of Jamie Parker
  • Kristian Vogel, Tenor Saxophone student of Wallace Halladay

2020 DMA Recital Competition Winner

  • Aaron Chow, Piano